Spotlight on a Vendor….Treasured Moments Videography

If you have been in the wedding and event industry long enough, then you surely have worked with Bruce from Treasured Moments Videography.  Treasured Moments Videography has been shooting all events for the last 6 years in widescreen HD. One of the 1st in Central Florida to film in high definition, as they feel it captures the event in the best quality for the future. Clients then can choose widescreen DVDs, or Blu Ray HD dvds. When you work with Treasured Moments, you get Treasured Moments not contractors who shoot for others. They only do 1 event per day in order to give their clients what they expect.

When you ask Bruce why he wants to help The Gift of Life, His reply” We have been working with 27 Miracles on weddings and events and one thing we notice is that no matter what they are doing wedding, event,  or charity their level of professionalism is always the same for the clients.  The Gift of Life is dear to Rosie’s heart and that is all I need to know to support a great cause because they always do what is right for others.”

A few Months ago Bruce put this Video Trailer together for the hospital after Rosie Moore delivered bears to the NICU.


Mayor Gary Bruhn of Windermere Declares ….

On September 9th 2014  on a rainy Tuesday evening, at The Windermere Town Center, Mayor Gary Bruhn declared that September 13 2014 is The Gift of Life Day.

He read in front of the council the following:

Whereas:   Premature births have been increasing progressively and alarmingly over the past two decades; and

Whereas: Even through doctors have made excellent advances in caring for babies born too small and too soon, there is a long way to go in order to prevent preterm births from happening, and

Whereas: 27 Miracles is an organization that is presenting “The Gift of Life”, a fundraising event inspired by Rosie Moore’s own story, who had a premature baby that was born 13 weeks early; and

Whereas:  The event seeks to raise funds for equipment supporting Florida Hospital for Children’s Neonatal  Intensive Care Unit; and

Whereas: This special night celebrates the daily miracles of premature newborns and encourages our community to provide support to those families that are having premature babies, and

Whereas: Organizations such as 27 Miracles work closely with volunteers and partners to raise public awareness of the problems of prematurity and to decrease the rate of preterm births in our region;

Now, therefore, I, Gary Bruhn, Mayor of the Town of Windermere, do hereby proclaim September 13, 2014 as “The Gift of Life Day” in Windermere on behalf our Town Council, residents and staff.

Dated this 9th day of September, 2014

Gary Bruhn, Mayor

Town of Windermere



Thank you to Treasured Moments Videography and Michael Anthony Photography for capturing this important event..


Four Seasons Hotel 001





Four Seasons Hotel 002





Four Seasons Hotel 003Four Seasons Hotel 004







Four Seasons Hotel 005






Four Seasons Hotel 006








Mayor Gary Bruhn

27 Miracles

A Story of Faith

The Gift of Life

Michael Anthony Photography

Treasured Moments Videography


As the World Mourns Robin Williams…. A Must Read…

As the world mourns the death of Robin Williams a man who made everyone smile and laugh, I can’t help but remember the first time I saw Robin Williams on TV.  The first time I saw him was in the episodes of Mork and Mindy, it was one of my favorites to watch.  But then seeing him in Mrs Doubtfire was hilarious.  Who would have thought unless you were that close to him that he was suffering from such a deep depression that he would take his own life.  A man who was wealthy, had fame and family, but the one thing he was missing was happiness despite all that was surrounding him.  Depression is an illness that if left untreated,  as you see here and in many other celebrities can be deadly.   But you also see it amongst the average person.

Today I want to reach out to every one of my readers. I want to tell you about why The Gift of Life is so important and really touches many.  As you know I had a premature baby, the least thing that I wanted to do was to talk or see anyone.  I wanted to bury my head under the covers and blame God and everything that caused me stress thinking that is why my baby was born early.  But it was thanks to prayers from a friend that I met at a previous job and her persistence in tracking me down that I managed to get a hold of myself.  She  messaged everyone,  on my then small friends  list, until  she reached my sister-in-law in NJ.  She sent her  a message  to have me call her( I was  not taking any calls or messages).  I was depressed.  But this friend’s message to me was, not hi how are you, what can I do for you, are you okay?  No her message was firm, direct and powerful.  She said, ” you will first of all not ignore my calls, you will take pictures daily of that baby, you will have faith and not lose hope and when you do, you will look back at the pictures to see where your baby was and how he progressed.”  Those words stayed with me, forever.

You may be saying why am I sharing this story with you, simply put because I was there. I know what these moms and dads feel after having a premature baby.  They are scared, they are stressed over the baby’s health, they have bills to pay, they are thinking and wondering how are they ever going to pay their bill of probably over 2 million plus dollars ( if they have insurance and it does not max out, it will help some), some have other children at home to care for, some have jobs and one or the other quits the job or worse gets terminated.   They get terminated all because the employer does not understand that medical appts and time with that baby are crucial to his or her survival, so they end up getting forced out of a job due to medical appts and some even face divorce and separation from so much stress.  What happens, some go into unresolved depression and some thankfully get treatment but some may not.

As you read about Robin Williams, someone who has money and abilities to seek the care of any doctors and medications and he was not able to .  Somewhere before he went through it, it was missed. This is why The Gift of Life is trying to raise resources to help the NICU( Neonatal Intesnive care Unit) we are not psychologists or mental health workers, but a simple hug, a simple word of I care, I understand, you can lean on me when you need to, will go a long way when you are feeling the pain of depression.  Naturally if medical intervention is needed, that is the ultimate recommendation.

Help us help the Gift of Life so that parents can have a resource to turn to, don’t wait until it affects you or a friend, act now as a random act of kindness  get involved.

If you can’t attend the event on September 13, 2014 at the Rosen Centre at 5pm, you can get involved in other ways.

Purchase a Bear hand-made by Make It Mine Personalized  Embroidery.  When we asked Maria and  Kristin why did they want to get involved in The Gift of Life, simply stated , “We want to help the Gift of Life because we believe in the work being done to help NICU babies and would like to be a part of that work.”

Bear with Bow and The Gift of Life

They  are a local mother-daughter team.  They  make personalized embroidered gifts for the whole family — from babies to adults, including bridal items.

This is the thermal I am selling to give to  our our moms in the NICU( Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) to bring milk to the babies. or the new sinch sac which is good to put in toiletries for moms staying in the Ronald Mc Donald House or Diapers and baby supplies….Order one for 20.00 for a mom in the NICU and we wil deliver it and take it their after the event with a card and YOUR name as the donor!

Red wave sinch sac RMH U R U PINK SPOTTY DOT

Or a simple donation will do…..

The Gift of Life

A Story of Faith

27 Miracles

Make It Mine Embroidery

**Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.**

Spotlight on a Vendor…Christine MacPhail….Orlando Harpist

Today’s spotlight is on Christine MacPhail, Orlando Harpist.  Christine began playing the harp at age 6 and has been playing professionally in the Central Florida area for over 25 years. She enjoys playing a variety of music of all styles, from classical to contemporary, and always loves learning new songs and adapting them to the harp.

Christine MacPhail

When 27 Miracles interviewed Christine and asked why she wanted to get involved with The Gift of Life,her reply was ” I am honored to be helping Rosie to benefit A Story of Faith and Florida Hospital.  The story of her son Kaleb is inspirational and would touch anyone’s heart.  Rosie and the 27 Miracles Team are continually giving back to the community and I am privileged to be included at her charitable events.”


Christine and her harp bless many in the Central Florida area by playing at weddings, charity events and more…..Her music is very inspiring.

When Baby Kaleb was born, Christine made a cd for him that to date he still listens to before bed.  The music was soothing to him during those long nights of hearing an oxygen concentrator all day and night.  He became so used to Christine’s music that when she played at Kaleb’s baby dedication, he immediately turned his head to Christine’s music.

061310 Kaleb's Baby Dedication at the First Baptist Church of Windermere

Listen to Christine play


27 Miracles

A Story of Faith

Orlando Harpist Christine MacPhail


Today’s Spotlight is on Roque Productions

27 Miracles wants to recognize Andres Roque of Roque Productions.  Andres and his team are no strangers to working and giving back to the community.  That is in fact how Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles met Andres.  She was in need of vendors to work at the 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza in downtown Winter Garden.  Rosie did not know Andres but they met at a Bridal Show.  When Rosie emailed vendors for assistance in this event, Andres was the first to say, I will help.  This event was to raise funds and honor the Brides Against Breast Cancer, Toys for Tots and the Boys and Girls Club of Winter Garden.  With over 400 plus people attending the event, the night was a success on that cold December 2, 2010 weeknight.

Copy (2) of IMG_2828Copy (2) of Copy of IMG_2752Copy (2) of IMG_3003

After that Roque Productions has worked with 27 Miracles on various other community events, weddings and Quinces.   27 Miracles’ clients are always happy with the stellar work that they perform.

Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 484Alyssa and Francisco Wedding Pictures Dec 2 2011 530

When we asked Andres why do you do what you do for the community, his reply “If you have the opportunity to get involved with The Gift of Life event, I really encourage you to do so. Over the past 4 years, we have worked with Rosie and the 27 Miracles team on numerous events for great causes.  They truly have their community’s best interest at heart and their drive to help others is admirable.  We are all called to help our neighbor and the events put together by 27 Miracles have become a great way for us to do so. ”

Alyssa and Francisco Wedding Pictures Dec 2 2011 466

Roque Productions is in the business of “Making It Happen” for their clients. Since the beginning, CEO Andrés Roque, made it a point for his clients to feel valued and this carries through the company. From the planning process to the post event wrap-up, you’ll understand that they are driven to go beyond. Sure, there are lots of companies that provide similar services, but the difference in how they provide these services can only be experienced.

Andres Roque

If you have not bought your ticket yet to The Gift of Life, click on the link to purchase now, during early bird sales.

Attend The Gift Of Life /Buy Now

27 Miracles

A Story of Faith

Roque Productions


Spotlight on Glenn Ferguson…..Caricature Artist…

Glenn is an award-winning caricature artist/ illustrator residing in Orlando, FL. He has been nominated a Master caricaturist by the International Society of Caricature Artists (after winning the Golden Nosey Award in 2009). His artwork can be seen all over the world.

Glenn Ferguson Pic 1


You might ask yourself, why would a famous artist want to help with an event like the Gift of Life….Here are Glenn’s very own words when he was interviewed….

Glenn Pic 3

“The year is 1973, in April, and I’m removed by C-section from my mother’s womb. My heartbeat is irregular, and my lungs aren’t fully developed, but I’m able to breathe ok. I’m whisked away immediately and placed inside a plastic rectangle. This rectangle becomes my home for the next 6 months.

I never saw my mother. She didn’t get to see me. They didn’t allow her to visit me. They didn’t allow her to name me for 6 months.

I was born with a total weight of 1 pound, 6 ounces. From head to toe I fit inside the palm of an average person’s hand. Doctors feared the worst and were expecting me not to live very long. But they made a home for me in an incubator and cared for me until I was ready to go home in October.

When I was allowed to finally meet my mother, and hear her voice, as you can imagine, I knew I was home. I was monitored constantly, and visited so many doctors for the first year of my life, but I beat all the odds and survived.

Now, in 2014, I’m 41 years old. I’m very healthy, athletic, and thriving beautifully with my fiance’ JoAnn. I grew up small, and I’m a little on the short side at 5′ 7″, but other than that, perfectly fine, normal, and happy. I’m grateful to all the doctors and nurses that helped me survive those first few months, and I have great sympathy and encouragement for anyone who has a premature child. ”


“I am happy to help with this event, the Gift of Life, that will benefit the Walt Disney Pavillion Florida Hospital for Children/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Making of the movie A Story of Faith; because I experienced the same care that all of these unsung heros do every day. It’s because of the amazing and heartfelt care and expertise that were so instrumental in my survival and enduring health those first delicate months of my life that I am here. ”

Glenn Pic 5

It is because of the care of doctors and nurses that work in the NICU and have up to date equipment that babies like Glenn and other babies today can survive.  Sometimes medical science is ready to give up, but the babies fight for their lives and some are pretty determined. In 1971 it was unheard of for a preemie to survive.  Thank God for Glenn’s doctors and nurses ! Can you imagine in this day and age not being able to see your baby for 6 months?  It is hard enough seeing them daily and not being able to bring the baby home.

Glenn Pic 4

This is why The Gift of Life is going to do just that, help raise funds for the Florida Hospital Walt Disney Children’s Pavillion, the NICU department and the Making of the Movie A Story of  Faith.   Through this movie of love, encouragement and hope, it will  show parents and caregivers that they are not alone and that there is hope out there.

Purchase your tickets here to attend the event:

To Find out how you can be a sponsor, contact 27 Miracles today at 407-905-5454 or email them at

Today is Proud Parent of a Preemie Day

Today March 10, 2013 is Proud Parent of  a Preemie Day.  Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles and Author of A Story of Faith wants you to remember this day and support a Parent of a Preemie today.  Having a Preemie is not something that you  plan for and when it happens to you, your  whole world is turned upside down.  If you know someone who has a baby in the NICU, help them by praying, offering meals, trips to the grocery store for them, babysitting and support in listening to them.  This is a long haul so support in this matter would be appreciated.

As a parent of a preemie herself, Rosie Moore remembers when she had her little Kaleb in the hospital NICU for 5 months.  The meals were not convenient at this time due to the fact that they were never home, however child care became a ,much appreciated thing.  When Kaleb finally did come home, the meals delivered by the members of her church for several weeks were so welcome.

Think of a preemie parent today and lend a helping hand!!

Here is the website for Preemie Day

DSC00617First time at Build a Bear Sept 2012Copy_of_Kaleb_1year_(2)DSC01643DSC01401DSC00922DSC01081Copy of cover


Rosie Moore is the author of the book A Story of  Faith..Purchase one today and help Nathaniel’s Hope!

27 Miracles

You can read all about A Story of Faith and preemie info here :

27 Miracles On Telemundo TV

Recently, Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles was invited to speak about weddings, Quinces and events at the studios of Telemundo for a TV show called Entrenos.  The TV show is on Sundays at 6pm on your Telemundo channel.  Rosie Moore also received the opportunity to talk about her book, A Story of Faith.  When the book is purchased directly through 27 Miracles,  they are able to donate from the proceeds to Nathaniel’s Hope a special needs organization. Here you can read a little bit about the book on Amazon,

So, Watch the show this Sunday February 19, 2012 at 6pm to hear the interview.  It is in Spanish, for those that do not understand Spanish, don’t worry, 27 Miracles was also interviewed by Debra Foxx on the show called Let’s Chat. That interview will air sometime in June and we will be sure to post the  link to it.