Heart Changing Story

A Review by Monique as seen on Amazon:
Heart Changing Story, January 29, 2013
This review is from: A Story of Faith (Paperback)

I would recommend this book to anyone. This story definitely demonstrates the courage and faith that this couple had during a very dark time in their life. It really shows how God was leading them and guiding every step of the way. I loved it

A Review from Nick on A Story of Faith Book

A Review from Nick as seen on Amazon:

A True Story of Faith, January 29, 2013
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This review is from: A Story of Faith (Paperback)

Truth is not only stranger than fiction, but more powerful and moving. This book depicts the story of a boy struggling before he was even born and his loving family keeping the faith despite insurmountable odds. Whether you’re spiritual or not, you will be blessed by reading this book.


A Thank You from NY Health on RSV Awareness

Dear Rosie,

      Thank you again so much for sharing your story! I can’t even imagine what it was like to go through those five months with Kaleb in the NICU. But with your help, we’re looking forward to raising awareness about the special health needs of preemies, RSV and how it can affect premature babies, as well as key RSV prevention methods. If you’re comfortable, we’d be thrilled to have you on board for potential media opportunities and would love to schedule a call to chat through your story and hear the story in your own words. 



 Heather Papsun

NY Health

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| www.edelman.com

What is A Story of Faith Book Author Rosie Moore Up To

Rosie Moore, author of a Story of Faith has been sought after by many for interviews and for organizations such as Nathaniel.s Hope, Buddy Break, Walk for March of Dimes, Ronald Mc Donald House, Florida Hospital The Disney Hospital and by other preemie organizations to promote the book and donate to their charity.  With much love and honor, Rosie from 27 Miracles will do this.  Why?  Because it helps give encouragement to others that need faith when they are missing it or as Rosie may say, misplaced it temporarily.   God gave Rosie this inspiration to write about parts of her life that were painful and lessons learned from college days, to losing a friend to breast cancer, to the miraculous birth of her son and a Christmas Blessing wedding that deeply touched a community of vendors to help make someone’s wish come true.

The next chapter of A Story of Faith as time goes on will be a movie ….Rosie Moore has been given the opportunity to produce a movie of the book.  Wow…what an honor…All is in the beginning stages of time…it starts with finding the right screen writer for the story….and then the gathering of material not in the book….so stay tuned …


If you have not yet purchased your book…contact 27 Miracles info@27miracles byrosie.com or call and order today 407-905-5454…with each purchase made 27 Miracles is donating to Nathaniel’s Hope http://www.nathanielshope.org/ a special; needs ministry.  The book is also for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble…

To those that have already read the book, thank you for the kind words and reviews we have received.

A Review , Beautiful Story of Faith

As seen on Facebook by Maricel Baker:

Tonight I decided to grab a book to read… and I finally decided to read a new one called ” A Story of Faith ” by Rosie Moore. What a beautiful story of faith! I cannot stop reading and I just finished reading the whole book (by the way, I don’t enjoy reading – so tonight was the night that the Lord reserved for me to read this beautiful book…) Thank YOU Rosie for sharing your amazing and beautiful story with me! You are an unbelievable woman! I promise to share your book with anyone who wants to borrow it and be blessed…I know the book is on sale in Amazon.com, and I really hope it becomes a HIT! Thank YOU! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of faith! Thank you for touching my life! I can’t wait to meet you in person!

Touching/A Review from Amazon

As Seen On Amazon :

Touching,February 18, 2012

Michelle Gonzalez (APOPKA, FL, US)  

A Story of Faith is a touching story of life. Rosie’s tale plucks the heart-strings and is the true tale of the power of faith and perseverance. Your heart will go out to her and her family as you read of their struggles and you will rejoice with them in their triumphs.

A Touching True Story/Review from Amazon

As seen on Amazon By Maria
As a single mom, I identify myself with Mrs Rosie, she is an example of temple, love but mostly Faith. I admire her spiritual talent. I recommend this reading for every single mom, woman and mostly for every one who is having difficult times, she will make you recover the hope and faith to know that it is possible if you believe in God and have determination.

Review from Nathaniel’s Hope Founder

Marie/Nathaniel’s Hope Founder:
God has been so faithful on your journey , as you have trusted in Him! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! I know God will use it to bless many.
I would be happy to list your book on our Online Resource area that we direct our families to for great resources.
You both have such a heart for ministering to people. I pray that God continues to use this book and your lives to minister to many!
Marie 🙂