Remembering Chloe as She Flies High……

The Gift of Life rejoices with every single success that they hear about for their preemie families and they love to share those wonderful stories.  Today they want to share another story, but this is a story of a mother’s love for her preemie.  Chloe, who was born at 27 weeks weighing 1 pound 2 ounces on April 26,2012.249047_4111512754709_1255510758_n 293146_4243290169062_937663576_n











As we know all preemies have their good days and bad days.  Chloe was no exception, but all throughout, she was her mommy’s “peanut.”   Not a day went by when Chloe would not muster up a smile for her mommy.9810_10206213100995029_1099765059710947490_n 600254_10202492737828275_1760114309_n 1002877_10201964341138688_679646142_n 1526890_10203679295491475_695755579_n 10409414_10204600834329370_1792297983962818101_n 10952410_10206201103895109_2678209341172752782_n (1)
















Chloe was doing well for a bit, getting through every hurdle you could think of and each and every time mommy was there.  But on Friday February 27,2015 At 10:23 pm, Chloe had her last smile and breath for mommy.  She could not overcome the challenge.  Chloe stopped breathing and passed away in her mommy’s arms at the hospital surrounded by family and friends.  She tried to fight till the end, but it was too much.  She is flying high in no more pain.  Just looking at her sweet angelic face tells you how sweet this beautiful child of God was.

10407535_10205888397557646_8172624000420738630_n Chloe Passed Feb 27 2015









We always ask ourselves when a child so young is taken from us, Lord why?  We go through different stages at different times in our lives and we can truly never figure out why.  Whitney Lynne, recording Christian Artist came out to sing at The Gift of Life Charity Benefit for Premature babies last year and sang a song called Thank You For The Rain.  If you listen to the lyrics, it is thanking God for the rain and trusting in Him while standing in in the rain.  It speaks about the hurts and how sometimes God uses a storm to bring us close when nothing remains.  This is definitely a moment of standing in the rain, but God is there carrying us when we only see one pair of footprints in the sand.

Chloe left behind a brother and her parents…..although she is gone from her home here on earth, she is in the hearts of those that loved her forever……

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We pray for comfort for Chloe’s parents and family.

If you can help this family with any funding, please click on the link below:
The Gift of Life

Whitney Lynne

Treasured Moments Videography


Jameson’s Journey Through The Eyes of His Mommy…..

All too often we are eager to hear all about the happy pregnancy, the bay showers and the long labor hours of bringing a child in to the world.  Moms love to talk about how brave or not brave they were with or without an epidural and how quickly they got back to their everyday routine because they had the easiest pregnancy and delivery,  But how eager are you to hear about the perfect couple in love and how they had everything going for them?  Great jobs, great family, great house, and ready for that baby to come, but something went very wrong.

Today we bring you Jameson’s journey through the eyes of his sweet momma Audrey:

“My husband, Chris and I had been married for 6 years when we decided we wanted to expand our family from our fur baby Labrador Retriever to a real baby of our very own.























When this new and exciting adventure started I had all these plans and Pinterest ideas ready for the time when I would tell my family and friends our exciting news. I found out I was pregnant on St Patrick’s day after working a night shift at Celebration hospital as a Respiratory Therapist. The second I found out I was overjoyed and all my Pinterest plans flew right out the window. I begged my husband to drive to my parents house that very morning at 7 a.m.! I couldn’t wait to tell everyone! By noon I had told all my family and friends. Good news travels fast!










My pregnancy was very easy and I had no complaints. At 23 weeks while working I started to have contractions which I thought were Braxton hicks contractions. They became more and more intense which eventually led to an ambulance trip to the hospital. Chris and I were scared as doctors and nurses flooded the room to assess me, question me, and start drugs on me to stop my contractions. The reality of what was happening really hit when statistics were given to us about the risk and likely complications of having a baby come this early. They prepared and expected me to have the baby at any moment. We were devastated.

Originally we had decided for the sex of our baby to be revealed in the delivery room on or near my due date of November 22nd. I wanted everyone surprised, including myself. Reaching for anything happy to hold onto in this situation we decided to have them tell us the sex during one of my many exams that day. We were to have a little girl. A Girl!. We named her Allison.

I was able to stick through an entire week of on again off again contractions on complete bed rest. Every morning the nurse came in and wrote the date on my patient board I thought to myself, I did it….I got through another day! Sadly my strength gave out and due to an incompetent cervix I had an emergency C-section 16 weeks early. I remember asking my husband Chris in the Operating room after she was born, “is she okay?” To which he responded that they had already taken her into NICU to be intubated and assessed. No one celebrated or really even spoke. Five hours after delivery they wheeled my hospital bed through the NICU. A very sweet nurse told me that they had a high amount of babies in the NICU at the time and they were unable to wheel my bed over. She assured me that once I was able to get into a wheel chair I could see the baby. She asked, “do you have a name?”. I responded, “yes, Allison Grace”. I will never forget the look on her face and a few other nurses near by. They asked me to repeat the name. I heard a few giggles and then she proceeded to tell me “Well actually….you had a boy”. I have never heard my husband speechless in the 11 years I’ve known him. We got our surprise!!! In more ways than one! Jameson Lee Lonas was born on August 3rd and weighed 1lb 12 oz.











The next few weeks were the hardest times I have ever experienced. I felt helpless and heartbroken. I was told the NICU stay would be a roller coaster of events and emotions and that’s exactly what it was. We went through 2 types of ventilators, 3 intubations, infections, medications, complications and happy milestones. Every ounce counted and I was ready to see him pack on the pounds and thrive for life. It was a long road but that’s exactly what Jameson did. He has taught me all about strength and faith and a lot about having patience. We are truly blessed with how well Jameson did and still continues to do as a micro preemie.










The odds were stacked against him and he pushed through. After 143 days in the hospital we brought our sweet boy home on December 23rd. Just in time for Christmas. The best Christmas present ever.










He came home with his teddy bear from The Gift of Life, made with love by the seniors citizens at Good Smarita Village…..










There are so many great people out there that followed Jameson’s Journey. He had prayers from all over. I still can’t wrap my head around all the love we received. No one will ever know how much we appreciate it all. I only hope our story of heartache turned to joy can inspire others who might be starting out on their own similar journey…. a little hope. Hang tight…this doesn’t define your child…it’s just a piece of their story. Jameson is now 5 months old and 11 lbs. He is loving being at home with us. We fall in love over and over every day.

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Today he is 5 months old and doing well……Miracles do happen ….you just have to keep believing that they will…










The Gift of Life


Spotlight on a Vendor….Treasured Moments

Have you been to our website if you haven’t been there check it out?  You might say why do you want me to go there now?  That is because there on our video gallery you will see Bruce Reynolds from Treasured Moments work!  Treasured Moments Videography is well-known in the community of Orlando.


They have been shooting all events for the last 6 years in widescreen HD.
One of the 1st in Central Florida to film in high-definition, as they feel it captures the event in the best quality for the future. Clients then can choose widescreen DVDs, or Blu Ray HD dvds. When you book them you get them not contractors who shoot for others. They only do 1 event per day in order to give their clients what they expect.

When 27 Miracles asked Treasured Moments owner Bruce Reynolds, why help The Gift of Life, he said, “I am honored to be part of The Gift of Life on September 13, 2014 at the Rosen Centre Hotel. It’s a very worthy event for all in the Orlando area to attend and give support to Florida Hospital’s NICU for their ongoing work with premature newborns and the making of the movie “A Story of Faith”  to further help the families of those children and future children who are born prematurely.”  

Get in on the action that day and be filmed at the event enjoying what promises to be a spectacular night of fun, while at the same time helping to raise awareness and resources for a community of miracles…

Florida Hospital did an interview with Kaleb and some of his caregivers….watch as he reunites with them…..

27 Miracles

A Story of Faith

The Gift of Life Purchase Tickets here:

Treasured Moments Videography

Lost and Found…A Touching Story

27 Miracles brings you stories and blogs of their own but every once in awhile they will come across a story that will inspire and touch you.  Today’s story is written by Journalist Kelley Benham for The Tampa Bay Times. It was also published at Huffington Post

See her full story here: Never Let Go

Watch Kelly tell her story on video ….This story will bring you to tears as you see the amazing faith that her and her husband shared….If you have never experienced or seen a baby born premature, this will give you the reality of what it is.  It is scary and will move your heart of compassion.

Watch the touching story here :  


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Help fund places like this that will help save lives, but most importantly help support the parents undergoing this ordeal.

Come to the event The Gift Of Life and you will be able to help babies like this

Purchase Tickets through Eventbrite

Visit our Website often for updated information on the event!

Going Home from The NICU

When you are expecting a baby you expect to be pregnant for 9 months, have a normal delivery and be home 2-3 days later.  But sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control that is not always the case.  Jennifer was one of those moms, expecting a normal delivery, but instead found herself delivering Baby Kellan at 33 weeks when her water broke. An emergency c-section to save Baby Kellan and mom’s life was necessary because she developed preeclampsia.”

Jennifer Sweetman

Preeclampsia is a condition that pregnant women develop. It is marked by high blood pressure and a high level of protein in the urine. Preeclamptic women will often also have swelling in the feet, legs, and hands. This condition usually appears during the second half of pregnancy, often in the latter part of the second or in the third trimesters, although it can occur earlier .  

Kalen was 4 lbs 2 oz and then dropped his weight to under 4 lbs due to the prematurity of his lungs.  He was not able to come home until he gained his 4 lbs again.  This is not what Jennifer expected after recuperating from her own unexpected surgery.  But the day came for her to  bring baby Kellan home.  In Jennifer’s words she stated, ” I remember holding Kellan for the 1st time without tubes & wires. (What a crazy feeling that was–felt like I was going to set an alarm off for moving more than a foot with him.) He was just over 4lbs. We were getting ready to be discharged from the NICU.  And I am not afraid to admit that I was scared beyond belief!”


This is just one mom’s trials of the NICU.  Baby Kellan was only in the NICU 10 days due to the fact that their hospital was not equipped to handle a longer stay for babies in the NICU.    He should have stayed a little longer because after discharge he developed many issues with feeding.  Jennifer drives 3 hours each way to get specialized treatment and care for Kellan.

This is just one of the reasons for The Gift of Life Event on September 13, 2014.  This event is not just a reason to get dressed up, have good food and entertainment with a chance to get a celebrity’s autograph.  Those are all good reasons to come out and have a great time.  You can’t beat the price a nice dinner, entertainment and celebrity encounters.  But know that with that,  your ticket purchases and your donations will go towards the needs of the NICU( Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and the making of the movie A Story of Faith,  The Movie will be based on the experience of the NICU   and will offer support to parents and healthcare workers during this critical time through a love story and a journey of faith.

To learn more about the event visit our website at

To purchase tickets go to our event website

We hope to see you there !

27 Miracles

A Story of Faith

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A Letter from one Mother in the NICU to Another Mother

As we approach Mother’s Day and you start to think about what a mother is, what your mother did for you and how you can make someone’s mother day special, this letter came to my mind shared by a fellow NICU( Neo Natal Intesnive Care Unit) mother to another.  After going through this experience myself, I know how both mothers feel.


Dear New NICU Mom,

I recognized you the other day. You came out of the NICU, your husband right behind you. You walked slowly, like maybe you had a c-section last week, but you didn’t still look pregnant. You were both crying softly. You looked exhausted. I knew that look.

My baby and I had to meet someone in a NICU waiting area at our city’s children’s hospital for a research study. You saw us sitting there in the waiting area. You looked at me. I smiled a sad smile at you and you returned it.

What I wanted to say, what I tried to say in that sad smile, was this:

I know how it feels.

I was you eight months ago.

I have cried those quiet, uncontrollable tears – on a good day by NICU standards – as I put my tiny son back in his incubator after a kangaroo care session, carefully juggling wires and tubes, nestled him in, put a fleece blanket over the box to keep the light out. Watched the monitor to make sure the numbers indicated that he was comfortable before I left. I, too, hesitated before I smoothed the last corner down, peeked through the plexiglass and choked up as I whispered – goodnight, my baby, I love you, I will see you soon.

I have walked that slow, heart-wrenching walk, away from my sweet tiny baby. Pain in my abdomen, where a baby should still be, halting my steps. Crying, not sure if I’m embarrassed for a stranger in the hospital to see my tears, or if maybe crying in a hospital is what people expect, or if I don’t even care.

I am so sorry I am here with my healthy infant, confronting you right here as you leave your baby behind for now.

My gargantuan baby (to you anyway, I know) weighs 15 pounds and 10 ounces today. Five times his birth weight exactly. He is healthy and normal for his adjusted age. No more oxygen, no more wires, no medications. He didn’t even go to the doctor at all in April. I know he looks like a freak of nature to you. Sometimes even I can’t believe this is the same baby who could curl up into a little ball under my cupped hands. That I watched with delight and thanksgiving as his stick-like limbs got chunkier and his little belly became roly-poly and his eyes went from murky blue-gray to clear blue and his ears grew cartilage that makes them stick out.

Your little baby is perfect. How big is your baby? I want to ask. Actual and adjusted age? How is she doing today? Were you able to hold her?

When I smile at you, holding this giant baby, I want to tell you that I hope with all my heart that your baby will be fine too. That the fear slows down as time passes. And if your baby does need oxygen, wheelchairs, braces, monitors, tubes, I want to tell you that a gift of the NICU is that now I can look past the medical devices. If that is what your child needs, when I see you in public in a year or two, I will see your beautiful child, not his equipment.

New NICU mom, in the glance we shared, I just wanted you to know that I’ve been there. This healthy baby on my lap has been where your baby is. We know how much it hurts. It’s okay that you’re crying, NICU mom. Your journey is hard. Sometimes you have to cry. Let me share your burden for a moment. I know how to carry it.


A recent NICU mom

This letter just brings tears to your eyes.  This is what A Story of Faith is trying to do for NICU moms and dads and the healthcare workers that day in and day out take care of that precious bundle of joy. On September 13, 2014, 27 Miracles is hosting an event called The Gift of Life to benefit Florida Hospital  Walt Disney Children’s Pavillion, The NICU department and the making of the Movie A Story of Faith.  Your attendance and donation to this event will help many parents going through this pain and healthcare workers feeling the stress without their own support to receive this message of hope.  It will help the NICU receive new equipment that will continue to save lives daily.

Please visit our event website to purchase your ticket today and if you cannot attend, please consider a donation to the event, every little bit helps.


A Thank You From Florida Hospital

As seen on Facebook:
No one understands what it feels like to have a baby in the NICU quite like another NICU mommy! Over the holidays Rosie Moore stopped by with her family, including former NICU baby Kaleb, to give teddy bears to our current NICU patients. Thank you, Moore family!
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  • Stephanie Coombes Morehouse So true… its been 16 years and I will never forget. Much love to Florida Hospital!
  • Denise Manning I has been 5 for me and I think about my NICU adventure every day.
  • Cathy Wood-Sanders My grand daughter was in NICU for 2 months, Fl Hospital is the best…Thank you for the hospitality
  • Lisa Rippelmeyer It’s been almost 6 years since my Shawn was a NICU baby, and I know it’s something I will never forget.
  • Princess Monique Blanco It’s been 9 years this year you could say I lived in the NICU with my daughter Aaliyah for almost 3 months ! One Thing I must say that FLORIDA HOSPITAL is an amazing hospital and the staff and dr are Amazing!!! I must stay now she still goes there but to the Florida hospital cancer center she see’s the amazing hematogloist Dr Hajjar !! I love this hospital !!
  • Helen Ling Gonzalez Thank you to the Moore family! I remember little Kaleb. I know our current families really appreciated that!
  • Julie ‘Anderson’ Michel Our beautiful Katelyn was in the NICU for her first month, and is now a happy, healthy 21-month old. All 3 of her surgeries were performed at Florida Hospital – we love her two surgeons Dr. Anderson and Dr. Gottschall, the facility and entire staff – we recommend you all to everyone we know! Blessings to the Moore Family for their beautiful show of support to the families going through their journeys.
  • Sylvia M West Taylor After having a son spend 2 weeks in NICU is why I became a RN
  • Muñeka Victoria It’s been 5 years and I will never forget the nicu nurses or doctors. I love this hospital!! My son had a 6 month stay and it was ruff but this hospital made it go by easier. Thank u!
  • Deanna Sharpe Statton Two of my three babies were in your NICU and there’s nowhere else I would have wanted them to spend their time receiving care.
  • Lisa Rippelmeyer My 13 year old son Brandon was also kept in NICU for observation. He was a large-for-date baby, born at 36 weeks after an emergency C-section, and they were concerned that he had blood glucose issues. He was fine, and the hospital staff were wonderful!
  • Florida Hospital For Children Thank you all for sharing your stories! We absolutely love hearing from our NICU families.
  • Carol Morris I remember Santa bringing presents around the NICU on Christmas Eve for the babies when I was at the IWK in Halifax with Nathan. He got a little stuffed animal and a little story book. Yaaa for Rosie Moore and her family for being so thoughtful!!
  • Linda Lester we were across the street yesterday with baby Dakota at his neurological appt. who spent from June till October in NCIU on Rollins by the Mc Donald House..Florida Children ..and so wanted to walk over to the NICU and see the nurses who took such good care of Dakota ..he is up to 12.5 pounds a doing so much better then we could ever if hoped for..he is blind but he will overcome that as well!! Thank You Nurses!! Grammy of baby Dakota ( boy )
  • Linda Lester my Son and I didn’t know if we could go up and ask the nurses if they wanted to come outside the unit to see him