Christmas Countdown Day 7 Wrap Happily

Sometimes don’t you wish that you had elves that would take all the gifts you bought and wrapped them for you nicely?  Well, in a busy mom’s world I am sure that is a great idea.  To help you get started on wrapping, play some Christmas music that will put you in the Christmas spirit with some egg nog or hot cocoa.  Bending over on the floor can be hard on your back while wrapping gifts.  Consider wrapping on your kitchen table, dining room table or counter while standing on a mat and wearing comfortable shoes or wrap gifts while sitting down.  Following good body mechanics can save you a backache later on.  Another time-saving tip is to check the stores that you are purchasing your gifts from, some of them offer free gift wrapping, some charge a nominal fee and donate to a charity and sometimes the charity itself is at the store wrapping.  Happy Gift Wrapping!


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Merry Christmas!



woman-wrapping-gifts_cejais world-outreach-church-3 wrapping-presents-paper-l

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