Christmas Countdown Day 1 Be Positive and Giving

When you are positive you maintain great health.  When you are negative, it causes parts of your brain to feel stress therefore causing heart problems which can lead to major health problems.  This Christmas season with all the hustle  ad bustle of shopping, parties, shows, and family gatherings, be positive and generous with family but also with strangers as you never know when you could be entertaining an angel. Volunteer somewhere to help others for a cause that you support or would like to support.  Volunteering can be at a nursing home, hospice, school, hospital, pet shelter, Ronald McDonald House  or with The Gift of Life an organization that supports premature babies and their parents through care packages, knitted hats and bears and emotional support. Studies have been done that if you volunteer you can live a longer healthier life.  See a study in the Huffington Post

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The Gift of Life

Merry Christmas!

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