Remembering Chloe as She Flies High……

The Gift of Life rejoices with every single success that they hear about for their preemie families and they love to share those wonderful stories.  Today they want to share another story, but this is a story of a mother’s love for her preemie.  Chloe, who was born at 27 weeks weighing 1 pound 2 ounces on April 26,2012.249047_4111512754709_1255510758_n 293146_4243290169062_937663576_n











As we know all preemies have their good days and bad days.  Chloe was no exception, but all throughout, she was her mommy’s “peanut.”   Not a day went by when Chloe would not muster up a smile for her mommy.9810_10206213100995029_1099765059710947490_n 600254_10202492737828275_1760114309_n 1002877_10201964341138688_679646142_n 1526890_10203679295491475_695755579_n 10409414_10204600834329370_1792297983962818101_n 10952410_10206201103895109_2678209341172752782_n (1)
















Chloe was doing well for a bit, getting through every hurdle you could think of and each and every time mommy was there.  But on Friday February 27,2015 At 10:23 pm, Chloe had her last smile and breath for mommy.  She could not overcome the challenge.  Chloe stopped breathing and passed away in her mommy’s arms at the hospital surrounded by family and friends.  She tried to fight till the end, but it was too much.  She is flying high in no more pain.  Just looking at her sweet angelic face tells you how sweet this beautiful child of God was.

10407535_10205888397557646_8172624000420738630_n Chloe Passed Feb 27 2015









We always ask ourselves when a child so young is taken from us, Lord why?  We go through different stages at different times in our lives and we can truly never figure out why.  Whitney Lynne, recording Christian Artist came out to sing at The Gift of Life Charity Benefit for Premature babies last year and sang a song called Thank You For The Rain.  If you listen to the lyrics, it is thanking God for the rain and trusting in Him while standing in in the rain.  It speaks about the hurts and how sometimes God uses a storm to bring us close when nothing remains.  This is definitely a moment of standing in the rain, but God is there carrying us when we only see one pair of footprints in the sand.

Chloe left behind a brother and her parents…..although she is gone from her home here on earth, she is in the hearts of those that loved her forever……

1233505_10202065639431082_872906106_n 1277480_10202410042000931_1228896544_o 1654027_10203472083431303_1613188446_n 10653300_10205525739571423_1599943747128458592_n















We pray for comfort for Chloe’s parents and family.

If you can help this family with any funding, please click on the link below:
The Gift of Life

Whitney Lynne

Treasured Moments Videography


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