Spotlight on a Vendor….Treasured Moments Videography

If you have been in the wedding and event industry long enough, then you surely have worked with Bruce from Treasured Moments Videography.  Treasured Moments Videography has been shooting all events for the last 6 years in widescreen HD. One of the 1st in Central Florida to film in high definition, as they feel it captures the event in the best quality for the future. Clients then can choose widescreen DVDs, or Blu Ray HD dvds. When you work with Treasured Moments, you get Treasured Moments not contractors who shoot for others. They only do 1 event per day in order to give their clients what they expect.

When you ask Bruce why he wants to help The Gift of Life, His reply” We have been working with 27 Miracles on weddings and events and one thing we notice is that no matter what they are doing wedding, event,  or charity their level of professionalism is always the same for the clients.  The Gift of Life is dear to Rosie’s heart and that is all I need to know to support a great cause because they always do what is right for others.”

A few Months ago Bruce put this Video Trailer together for the hospital after Rosie Moore delivered bears to the NICU.