Thermal Bags for Preemie Moms to Carry Liquid Gold!

Happy New Year from The Gift of Life!!!

Today The Gift of Life wants to share a little bit about what is liquid gold.  When a baby is born premature, they need every fighting chance that they can get.  One of those things is mom’s breast milk so that they can have all the antibodies that the babies need.  Now because they are so tiny, they cannot breast feed and get the proper nutrition, so moms have to pump.  It is a labor of love and no matter what amount they can pump, it is accepted as “liquid gold” for the baby.  The baby will receive it via tube feeding and it is proven that these babies will progress so much better.










The American Pregnancy  Association references that breast milk is “ultimately the best nutrition a baby can receive.”

Healthy Children states, ” The fat in human milk helps to enhance the development of the baby’s brain and neurologic tissues, which is especially important for premature infants.”

Mothers staying at the Ronald McDonald Houses have to transport their milk to the NICU for their babies.  When you are at home you have all the comforts that you can get, but when you are in a different environment to transport milk can be a challenge.  The Gift of Life received some donations to purchase thermal bags and be able to donate them to Ronald McDonald House so that when they are ready to transport the milk cold to the NICU they can do so safely and without worry.

If you or your organization want to be a part of the thermal bag donation, contact The Gift of Life today :



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