Jameson’s Journey Through The Eyes of His Mommy…..

All too often we are eager to hear all about the happy pregnancy, the bay showers and the long labor hours of bringing a child in to the world.  Moms love to talk about how brave or not brave they were with or without an epidural and how quickly they got back to their everyday routine because they had the easiest pregnancy and delivery,  But how eager are you to hear about the perfect couple in love and how they had everything going for them?  Great jobs, great family, great house, and ready for that baby to come, but something went very wrong.

Today we bring you Jameson’s journey through the eyes of his sweet momma Audrey:

“My husband, Chris and I had been married for 6 years when we decided we wanted to expand our family from our fur baby Labrador Retriever to a real baby of our very own.























When this new and exciting adventure started I had all these plans and Pinterest ideas ready for the time when I would tell my family and friends our exciting news. I found out I was pregnant on St Patrick’s day after working a night shift at Celebration hospital as a Respiratory Therapist. The second I found out I was overjoyed and all my Pinterest plans flew right out the window. I begged my husband to drive to my parents house that very morning at 7 a.m.! I couldn’t wait to tell everyone! By noon I had told all my family and friends. Good news travels fast!










My pregnancy was very easy and I had no complaints. At 23 weeks while working I started to have contractions which I thought were Braxton hicks contractions. They became more and more intense which eventually led to an ambulance trip to the hospital. Chris and I were scared as doctors and nurses flooded the room to assess me, question me, and start drugs on me to stop my contractions. The reality of what was happening really hit when statistics were given to us about the risk and likely complications of having a baby come this early. They prepared and expected me to have the baby at any moment. We were devastated.

Originally we had decided for the sex of our baby to be revealed in the delivery room on or near my due date of November 22nd. I wanted everyone surprised, including myself. Reaching for anything happy to hold onto in this situation we decided to have them tell us the sex during one of my many exams that day. We were to have a little girl. A Girl!. We named her Allison.

I was able to stick through an entire week of on again off again contractions on complete bed rest. Every morning the nurse came in and wrote the date on my patient board I thought to myself, I did it….I got through another day! Sadly my strength gave out and due to an incompetent cervix I had an emergency C-section 16 weeks early. I remember asking my husband Chris in the Operating room after she was born, “is she okay?” To which he responded that they had already taken her into NICU to be intubated and assessed. No one celebrated or really even spoke. Five hours after delivery they wheeled my hospital bed through the NICU. A very sweet nurse told me that they had a high amount of babies in the NICU at the time and they were unable to wheel my bed over. She assured me that once I was able to get into a wheel chair I could see the baby. She asked, “do you have a name?”. I responded, “yes, Allison Grace”. I will never forget the look on her face and a few other nurses near by. They asked me to repeat the name. I heard a few giggles and then she proceeded to tell me “Well actually….you had a boy”. I have never heard my husband speechless in the 11 years I’ve known him. We got our surprise!!! In more ways than one! Jameson Lee Lonas was born on August 3rd and weighed 1lb 12 oz.











The next few weeks were the hardest times I have ever experienced. I felt helpless and heartbroken. I was told the NICU stay would be a roller coaster of events and emotions and that’s exactly what it was. We went through 2 types of ventilators, 3 intubations, infections, medications, complications and happy milestones. Every ounce counted and I was ready to see him pack on the pounds and thrive for life. It was a long road but that’s exactly what Jameson did. He has taught me all about strength and faith and a lot about having patience. We are truly blessed with how well Jameson did and still continues to do as a micro preemie.










The odds were stacked against him and he pushed through. After 143 days in the hospital we brought our sweet boy home on December 23rd. Just in time for Christmas. The best Christmas present ever.










He came home with his teddy bear from The Gift of Life, made with love by the seniors citizens at Good Smarita Village…..










There are so many great people out there that followed Jameson’s Journey. He had prayers from all over. I still can’t wrap my head around all the love we received. No one will ever know how much we appreciate it all. I only hope our story of heartache turned to joy can inspire others who might be starting out on their own similar journey…. a little hope. Hang tight…this doesn’t define your child…it’s just a piece of their story. Jameson is now 5 months old and 11 lbs. He is loving being at home with us. We fall in love over and over every day.

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Today he is 5 months old and doing well……Miracles do happen ….you just have to keep believing that they will…










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Thermal Bags for Preemie Moms to Carry Liquid Gold!

Happy New Year from The Gift of Life!!!

Today The Gift of Life wants to share a little bit about what is liquid gold.  When a baby is born premature, they need every fighting chance that they can get.  One of those things is mom’s breast milk so that they can have all the antibodies that the babies need.  Now because they are so tiny, they cannot breast feed and get the proper nutrition, so moms have to pump.  It is a labor of love and no matter what amount they can pump, it is accepted as “liquid gold” for the baby.  The baby will receive it via tube feeding and it is proven that these babies will progress so much better.










The American Pregnancy  Association references that breast milk is “ultimately the best nutrition a baby can receive.”  http://americanpregnancy.org/first-year-of-life/whats-in-breastmilk/

Healthy Children states, ” The fat in human milk helps to enhance the development of the baby’s brain and neurologic tissues, which is especially important for premature infants.”  http://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/breastfeeding/Pages/Providing-Breastmilk-for-Premature-and-Ill-Newborns.aspx

Mothers staying at the Ronald McDonald Houses have to transport their milk to the NICU for their babies.  When you are at home you have all the comforts that you can get, but when you are in a different environment to transport milk can be a challenge.  The Gift of Life received some donations to purchase thermal bags and be able to donate them to Ronald McDonald House so that when they are ready to transport the milk cold to the NICU they can do so safely and without worry.

If you or your organization want to be a part of the thermal bag donation, contact The Gift of Life today :

email: info@thegiftoflife27.org


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