November 17 2014 World Prematurity Day

Today is November 17, 2014, World Prematurity Day.  It is the day designated by the world to raise awareness about premature births by wearing purple, by lighting a candle in honor of premature births, by turning buildings purple.  Today City hall will turn the tower and the fountain purple in support of prematurity.  If you are in the area stop by and take pictures and post them in support of raising  awareness.








Here are some people showing their support on World Prematurity day!

Ashytyn was a preemie 17 year ago, pictured here with her mom. Ashytyn is a thriving teen ager now, showing her support!












Lee Ann Levett/Author of the book Sleep Angel, showing her support for preemies!











Marcus/Proud father of a preemie







Rosie, mother of preemie, pictured here with a picture of her preemie at birth…








The Gift of Life



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