Did You Ever Think That…..

Did you ever think that Anna Pavlova, Stevie Wonder, Sir Winston Churchill, Albert Eisntein, Charles Darwin, Mark Twain were premature babies? Did you ever think that celebrities don’t go through the trials of prematurity of their own babies, like Julia Roberts and many others?  Rick Paladino videographer  and World Famous Caricature Artist present at  The Gift of Life Fundraiser Glenn Ferguson were also very premature.

You may ask yourself why would we show this video of people already grown?  These are the very babies that are fighting for their lives to make something of themselves in the world when they grow up.  These are the miracles that over came all the challenges set before them to survive prematurity and live normal lives.

This video was played at The Gift of Life Charity Ball on September 13, 2014 with local singer Monique Potter.


The Gift of Life/El Regalo de La Vida  https://www.facebook.com/thegiftoflifeorlando

A Story of Faith: http://www.astoryoffaith.com/

Treasured Moments Video: http://tmvphdfilms.com/

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