Did You Ever Think That…..

Did you ever think that Anna Pavlova, Stevie Wonder, Sir Winston Churchill, Albert Eisntein, Charles Darwin, Mark Twain were premature babies? Did you ever think that celebrities don’t go through the trials of prematurity of their own babies, like Julia Roberts and many others?  Rick Paladino videographer  and World Famous Caricature Artist present at  The Gift of Life Fundraiser Glenn Ferguson were also very premature.

You may ask yourself why would we show this video of people already grown?  These are the very babies that are fighting for their lives to make something of themselves in the world when they grow up.  These are the miracles that over came all the challenges set before them to survive prematurity and live normal lives.

This video was played at The Gift of Life Charity Ball on September 13, 2014 with local singer Monique Potter.


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The Gift of Life Organization/El Regalo de la Vida

El Regalo de La Vida, “The Gift of Life” es una organización sin fines de lucro para beneficio de niños que nacen prematuro.

El alcalde de Orlando Buddy Dyer, la alcaldesa del condado de Orange Teresa Jacobs y elalcalde de Windermere Gary Bruhn han declarado que el 13 de septiembre es el día oficial de“El Regalo de La Vida.” Estos alcaldes han hecho un llamado a todos los residentes de Orlando y ciudades allacentes a suportar esta organización.

Lo mas probable es que se esten preguntando que exactamente es “El Regalo de La Vida?”
Es una organización para brindar apoyo a los bebes prematuros y a sus padres que no tienenlos recursos para enfrentar las dificultades relacionadas con este tipo de situación. Estamosaquí para crear ese apoyo y brindarles aliento. La ciudad de Orlando, en el momento, no tiene recursos para los padres de bebes prematuros. No tienen a donde ir o a donde llamar por ayuda cuando su bebe prematuro esta en el hospital y por eso es que se formo esta organización para beneficio de la comunidad.

Un ejemplo del porque queremos ayudar y mantenernos envueltos en esta comunidad es el siguiente: Una de las peores noticias que pueden escuchar los padres en el hospital, es que su bebe recién nacido no se le pueda dar de alta cuando ya su mamá si puede regresar al hogar. Esto es especialmente difícil en el tiempo de la Navidad. En años recientes hemos llevado peluches hechos por ciudadanos jubilados y hemos compartido palabras de aliento con madres en la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Neonatales. Una de estas madres había perdido uno de sus bebes mellizos y otra uno de sus bebes trillizos. Por supuesto un peluche no remplaza una vida, pero es el estimulo, el abrazo, y el apoyo a las necesidades de estas madres lo que cuenta; el decir presente cuando te necesitan. Al igual, ayudar a un hospital sin fines de lucro a que tenga los equipos necesarios y la tecnología mas avanzada también es muy importante para nosotros.

¡Les invitamos a que se unan a nosotros en soportar esta organización.  para apoyor los bebes y padres de niños en La Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Neonatales, enfrentando las dificultades relacionadas con el parto prematuro. Será una experiencia inolvidable ayudar a otros.
Dr Lugo Habla Acerca de Nacimiento Prematuro:

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Does Having a Baby Change Your Life?

Many parents to be and others that are not parents ask themselves , ” how does having a baby change your life?” Having a baby is a life changing experience that compares to no other.  As parents you trade late night outings for late night feedings, trips to the spa, convert in trips to the park, your once tiny designer bag, becomes a large diaper bag and your little two-seater sports car, becomes an SUV or minivan.  As parents you learn to adapt to maybe earlier bed times, family centered activities and socializing with parents having babies.

But what happens when you have a baby that is a preemie?  When you have a baby that is a preemie, your life will be a completely different  lifestyle.  You will have wake ups every three hours to feed a baby that is tube fed, vs bottle or breast-fed, you can easily lose that bond with the baby, as some tube feedings can run continuous and some can run for an hour, depending on the doctor’s orders.  Due to the g-tube that the baby has, maintaining the baby in a position of lying down, maybe elevated to avoid reflux takes that bond that you could have with the baby breast-feeding or bottle feeding. You have social isolation, or as some people like to call it, a plastic bubble.  You say, why so fearful of germs?  Well you see,  a preemie baby is predisposed to a virus called RSV, which affects the baby’s lungs and can put the baby back on a ventilator and  cause death if severe.  Recent studies have shown that there is an outbreak of ” EV-D68 which causes respiratory illness.  The virus can be found in an infected person’s respiratory secretions, such as saliva, nasal mucus, or sputum. EV-D68 likely spreads from person to person when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or touches a surface that is then touched by others.”

Social isolation with preemie parents is common, in that you miss out on play groups, church Sunday School, birthday party attendance or having people over to your baby’s birthday party, due to their delicate health. Your friends become those that take care of your  baby, your doctors, nurses, therapists and other preemie parents that know and understand their delicate health.  Why do we share this with you , you ask?









Dr Ajai Pic 2

Dr Ajai

Speech Therapist Barbie 2

Speech Therapist Barbie



Rosie and Marcus are parents of a 1lb 10oz  micro preemie.  Today October 13th he turned 5 years old.  Yesterday his birthday was celebrated at home with his grand parents and his parents only, because he has been having on an off upper respiratory infections, causing him to be on breathing treatments and medications. As parents, we felt that we would take that precaution. He attends a VPK ( voluntary prek school) where he receives speech therapy that helps him with eating better and is around 5 other like children who were preemie and are on his same level.  It is a major milestone to have him turn 5, considering where he was when he came home 5 months after birth.  He had come home on tube feedings every 3 hours, 18 doses of medications per day, oxygen 24/7, 2 types of breathing treatments every 4 hours,  heart monitors, multiple doctor visits per week and confined to your home, to await speech therapy three  per week for feeding, occupational therapy 3 times per week, physical therapy 2 times per week and it goes on…As a result, many who knew us and were our friends, stopped being supportive, due to our lifestyle not fitting in to theirs.  Friends stopped inviting us to their homes or outings because we had to cancel or decline a visit due to our child being sick.  Maybe he was  healthy but we could not take a chance during RSV season to expose him to the chance of getting it, for fear that it can land him back in the hospital on a vent.  Many said , “oh my you turned in to a germ freak” even some family said, “you have to let him get sick and not live in a plastic bubble”. Still others just quietly drifted apart.  You follow them on facebook and see their kids that you knew very well getting married, having babies of their own and wonder, wow where did the last 5 years go?  Do you really have any friends?



One thing as a preemie parents that we did learn, you have to be able to say, we came this far, we cannot let anyone or anything come between our child’s health and well-being.  If it means a small sacrifice of not going to a party or not having the neighborhood kids come by daily, then so be it.  But what you can do as a parent, is find other parents in similar situations and connect with them.  This is  one of the reasons that the charity The Gift of Life was formed, to help parents connect, to be a resource for them whether financially or emotionally.  Orlando lacks any support groups of this kind other than online and living in isolation with no one to speak to, is not healthy.  We are so grateful for the good friends that we do have that we have known for 22 years, they have been there for us through all that we have gone through, even coming to volunteer at The Gift of Life benefit this past September 2014.


Terry and Renee, dedicating their time to The gift of Life( missing Beth, at a previous engagement)


Connect with other parents of preemies who understand …


Today October 13, 2014 Kaleb Celebrates 5 years of life, born at 27 weeks weighing 1lb 10oz, and 12 inches long, he is a happy 5 years old weighing in at 30lbs.  Happy Birthday Kaleb!




How can you get involved to help?  Contact The Gift of Life and see  how you can make a difference either financially or volunteer wise to help today.  We hope that through our own testimony, many will come to understand what life in the world of a preemie parent is and that you have a better understanding of what these parents go through daily.  If you lack the words to say. sometimes just being there and listening and saying, what can I do for you today, can make a world of a difference.  Don’t ask a preemie parent what can you do to help, because sometimes there is nothing that will help, but there is always something that you can do and that is better phrased.

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Contact The Gift of Life:

Email: info@thegiftoflife27.org

Phone: 407-905-5454

The Gift of Life www.thegiftoflife27.org

Event Website: www.astoryoffafith.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thegiftoflifeorlando


What Is The Passion Behind The Gift of Life?

The Gift of Life Charity event took place on September 13 2014 at The Rosen Centre.  It was a black tie fund-raising event to benefit premature babies.  Follow us on our blog so that you can continue to see all that the evening was about and visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thegiftoflifeorlando

When Master Bridal Consultant Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles coordinated the event, she was asked by several people if she had her speech ready for the event.  Rosie would say no “I will think of it  when the day comes.”  The day came and she still did not have a single thing written down.  It was two minutes before her time came to speak ( after hearing a Doctor, a nurse and Darrell Armstrong speak) , she wondered what on earth she would say.  Her husband Marcus was with her and asked just before she went up on stage, “do you know what to say?” She looked at him and said, “not a clue.” Finally they got up on the stage and Rosie prayed and said , “Dear Lord, fill my mouth with what you want me to say to everyone to explain why I am passionate about helping premature babies and their parents.”

See part of the message of what Rosie Moore said that night.



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Mayor Gary Bruhn of Windermere Declares ….

On September 9th 2014  on a rainy Tuesday evening, at The Windermere Town Center, Mayor Gary Bruhn declared that September 13 2014 is The Gift of Life Day.

He read in front of the council the following:

Whereas:   Premature births have been increasing progressively and alarmingly over the past two decades; and

Whereas: Even through doctors have made excellent advances in caring for babies born too small and too soon, there is a long way to go in order to prevent preterm births from happening, and

Whereas: 27 Miracles is an organization that is presenting “The Gift of Life”, a fundraising event inspired by Rosie Moore’s own story, who had a premature baby that was born 13 weeks early; and

Whereas:  The event seeks to raise funds for equipment supporting Florida Hospital for Children’s Neonatal  Intensive Care Unit; and

Whereas: This special night celebrates the daily miracles of premature newborns and encourages our community to provide support to those families that are having premature babies, and

Whereas: Organizations such as 27 Miracles work closely with volunteers and partners to raise public awareness of the problems of prematurity and to decrease the rate of preterm births in our region;

Now, therefore, I, Gary Bruhn, Mayor of the Town of Windermere, do hereby proclaim September 13, 2014 as “The Gift of Life Day” in Windermere on behalf our Town Council, residents and staff.

Dated this 9th day of September, 2014

Gary Bruhn, Mayor

Town of Windermere



Thank you to Treasured Moments Videography and Michael Anthony Photography for capturing this important event..


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