Reflecting on 9/11/01………….Let’s Not Forget

Many of you remember where you were and exactly what you were doing on 9/11/01.  I remember waking up that morning to get ready for work.  It was 3:45am when I awakened to get ready.  As I prayed to get my day started, a feeling of doom had come over me as if something terrible was going to happen.  I shook my head and thought what?? I thought to myself oh maybe someone is passing that I know, but it was more of a feeling of large passing and doom.  I prayed for Mercy at the moment and thought okay, Lord have Mercy on whatever it is.  I went about my day to drop kids off at day care and get to work, nearly 55 miles away to get to work by 5:45am.  I was working as a nurse case manager for a major insurance company at the time.

As I was at my desk I had on the radio station and when the first plane hit the tower and the radio station announced it, I thought wait did someone switch my smooth music to the party station? I thought it was a joke.  Then I saw the catastrophic team running across the hallway and an announcement came on the loud-speaker to have everyone go in the conference room at that moment the second plane was hitting.  What was happening?  I was frantic as I knew many from NY and NJ that worked at the trade center having grown up there.

I immediately tried calling my childhood best friend whose mother worked there and I could not get through.  I tried to call my Godfather and no way to get through.  The lines of communication were locked up.  I contacted my cousin, a police officer for NYC.  Friends that worked in the Village.  Friends that lived in NJ.  No calls.  Panic?  I stopped and said a quick prayer to the Lord and said, okay I now see what you were trying to tell me this morning.

The building we were in was made of glass and not knowing what would be happening, they asked us to go home.  Schools were on lock down and we were told to pick up our kids.  I could not get a call in to the school where my children were.  I thought they are 55 miles plus away, I have to get to them.  As I started the long drive out, I 4 was locked up.  At least a three-hour delay.  I contacted the school again, all systems busy.  I contacted my friend who was a sheriff for Orange County and involved with the bomb squad and told him what was happening and he said he was nearby the school and would check on my kids.  He went in and about 30 minutes later called me and said they are fine, they are lined in the bathrooms and gym in huddle position, they are okay, just go and get them.  But they are safe for now.

That very day, I was on the fence on taking a job with a company that was closer to home, but paid less than my current job and I decided as a single mom, to be close to my children in case of illness and just for my own well being of having more sleep than 4 hours, that I would take the job.  I left a message for the person offering the job and her voice mail stated that due to the events of today they would be closed until further notice.  They were in the downtown high-rise area in a glass building over 16 floors, so they were not taking chances.  This same insurance company had an office in the trade center and they lost all their employees.

When I finally got to the kids’ school, I felt horrible, being one of the last moms to arrive, there was only one other child there. I hugged my kids and said yes; family and kids are worth more than all the riches of the world.

So as we remember today how hurried we are in life, how much laundry we have to do, how much work we left behind at our desk, take a moment to reflect on those families who lost someone in the 911 tragedy and how they cannot tell their family that they love them, or miss them or they want to spend time with them, because they are gone.  Today we are blessed to be here because of countless men and women that served in the war so that we can have our freedom today.  Let us keep those who lost family and those who have family serving in our prayers today because I can’t imagine what they are going through serving our country.

God be with those who lost loved ones as a result of 911 and the war afterwards…..comfort them and bring them peace…amen

By the way, my childhood friend’s mom, missed work that day, because she was running behind and when she got on the bus to take her to the city, the driver said no busses in to port authority today, due to what had just happened, she had not heard( she should have been an hour late for work). A few years prior, she had escaped the bombing in the parking garage of the North Tower on February 26, 1993, when she was meeting with a private client in NJ and did not plan on being at work until later that afternoon.  My Godfather was sick with a bad case of the flu at a new job, he debated going in since he was so new, but opted not to go in so that he did not get his clients sick.  My cousin was in his army reserve training during this time.  He had just gotten back so he was placed on duty with the police force shortly after the attack.

A Story of Faith Author Rosie Moore

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