Today We Say Good Bye To Baby Aiden…but

Today we say good Bye to Baby Aiden, he is the son of Youth Pastors Jesse and Jessi.  This baby has an amazing testimony.  Baby Aiden was born without a trachea.  Doctors assured the parents that he would not live past a few hours beyond birth.  Through prayers and medical science a trachea was made for him, the miracles of God at work.  This baby brought nurses , doctors therapists, friends, family and strangers to their knees for healing prayer.  On Sunday May 27, 2012, Baby Aiden won a different battle, he won the battle to be with our Lord in His arms, pain-free and singing praises to the Lord.  Why is this a victory?  For us left on earth it hurts and will continue to hurt, but for Baby Aiden and our Lord, he triumphed.  This baby brought many of us in prayers together for the same cause.  God’s mission accomplished.  Sometimes we don’t seek God when things are going good, but when a trial comes our way we certainly do look for Him.  Let’s not wait to seek God during a trial, let us follow the example of Jessi and Jesse, they never lost faith or hope in God.  They know that one day they will be reunited with Baby Aiden in Heaven. He has a twin brother and older brother that he left behind.

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This song is dedicated to Baby Aiden as he rests in the Lord’s Arms…

2 thoughts on “Today We Say Good Bye To Baby Aiden…but

  1. Jesse and Jessi…You don’t even know me but I feel like I know you both. My name is Debbie Buchholz and I am the mother of Heather Moncher. She has kept me updated and asking for prayer requests since the day baby Aiden was born! I prayed daily for you all and that God’s will would be done. I can’t even imagine what you have been going through…but your faith and testimony through it all has been amazing! My prayers will continue for you and your family but we can rest knowing that you will see baby Aiden again in a much better place and full of life and health!

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