A Mother’s Day Tribute and Celebration of a Miracle

If you would have told Rosie Moore, Author of A Story of Faith and wedding and event planner for 27 Miracles that 2.5 years ago she would have endured a preterm delivery and a life in the NICU for 5 months as well as a life of endless doctor visits, therapy visits and more equipment than can fit in a room, she would have probably said, thanks but no thanks.  But sometimes we cannot project the destiny that we are to walk through.  God always has a plan.  That was the case with Rosie Moore and her husband Marcus Moore. 

When Deb Discenza of Preemie World asked Rosie Moore if she can publish an update on Kaleb now that he is at the 2.5 year old survival mark for Mother’s Day, Rosie Moore agreed.  She shares her story because there is hope.  Hope for all those who this very second have their baby in the NICU.  Hope  for those who just brought their baby home with more medications and treatments than they can imagine. 

On this May 13 2012, Have a Happy Mother’s Day! I know that some out there are celebrating in the hospital with their baby and some are at home dealing with the every day medical treatment of their baby; but one thing is certain, no matter what stage you are in at the moment, you are still the mother of this baby and no matter how many monitors or medications and treatments the baby is enduring, they are beautiful in our eyes.

Today won’t you tell a mother who is going through a hard time medically with their baby that she is doing a great job and that baby loves her more than anything.  Help us lift up a mother today who is waiting for the day her baby can come home. Help us lift up a mother who has her baby at home but is still going through multitudes of treatments.  Finally help us always encourage a mother who this will always be their life; a baby who has special needs and will always be a special needs child into adulthood.  God made these babies special for a reason.  Help them feel supported.  Visit Nathaniel’s Hope for how you can help a special needs family.  http://www.nathanielshope.org/

Read below Preemie World’s Interview with Rosie Moore :

Preemie World

Happy Mother’s Day!!







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