Kangaroo Care

Most recently Rosie Moore, author of A Story of Faith, was approached by Emily Johnson of Trinity Western University in British Columbia inquiring if she may interview her  so that she may write a story on Kangaroo Care and the importance of it in the NICU. She wanted to develop a brochure that would be beneficial to educate nursing students and nurses.  Rosie Moore agreed to the interview and Emily was able to produce the brochure that you see here in the pdf.

Kangaroo Care Brochure

As a parent of a preemie, Rosie Moore herself saw her baby Kaleb’s vitals signs improve right before her eyes.  If you or someone you know has a preemie, encourage kangaroo care and even when they get older that they do not need the kangaroo care, bond with that baby every day as much as you can. The old wives tale that you will spoil the baby holding him so much, in this case is not accurate.  Why you ask? Because these babies came to the world sooner than they needed tom, they did not have the privilege to grow inside a mommy’s belly for 9 months.  They are going through pain and suffering with tests, needles and discomfort.  A mother’s heart beat and breathing and voice close to the baby helps to soothe the baby as if they were inside mom’s belly.

You will see even Marcus, Kaleb’s dad doing Kangaroo.  Because the baby will need the warmth of his dad as well and to hear his voice. This will create a smooth transition for the baby and the father to bond.

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