What is A Story of Faith Book Author Rosie Moore Up To

Rosie Moore, author of a Story of Faith has been sought after by many for interviews and for organizations such as Nathaniel.s Hope, Buddy Break, Walk for March of Dimes, Ronald Mc Donald House, Florida Hospital The Disney Hospital and by other preemie organizations to promote the book and donate to their charity.  With much love and honor, Rosie from 27 Miracles will do this.  Why?  Because it helps give encouragement to others that need faith when they are missing it or as Rosie may say, misplaced it temporarily.   God gave Rosie this inspiration to write about parts of her life that were painful and lessons learned from college days, to losing a friend to breast cancer, to the miraculous birth of her son and a Christmas Blessing wedding that deeply touched a community of vendors to help make someone’s wish come true.

The next chapter of A Story of Faith as time goes on will be a movie ….Rosie Moore has been given the opportunity to produce a movie of the book.  Wow…what an honor…All is in the beginning stages of time…it starts with finding the right screen writer for the story….and then the gathering of material not in the book….so stay tuned …


If you have not yet purchased your book…contact 27 Miracles info@27miracles byrosie.com or call and order today 407-905-5454…with each purchase made 27 Miracles is donating to Nathaniel’s Hope http://www.nathanielshope.org/ a special; needs ministry.  The book is also for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble…

To those that have already read the book, thank you for the kind words and reviews we have received.

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