March of Dimes

·         Why participate in the “March for Babies”? Well, Meet sweet little Kaleb, a miracle of life who was born at only 1 lb, 10 oz at Florida Hospital for Children. Knowing kids like Kaleb makes walking easy for us. Join us as we fight to help premature babies with the March of Dimes on April 28 at Lake Eola.


Patient Stories | Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando FL

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A Story of Faith, By Rosie Moore

As A Story of Faith is being read on Kindle, Nook, Paperback all over the US and outside the US in places such as Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, Germany and other countries that we may not even know about, we encourage those that have not taken the time to purchase a book, to consider purchasing one today.

Why purchase A Story of Faith? Here are several reasons, it is a true story where an ordinary family’s faith is put to the test.  It is a testimony that God never fails us, we fail Him, but He is right there to cradle us when we fall.  If you know someone who is going through a life threatening illness, a trial that is weighing them down, a moment when faith is needed like that of a mustard seed, then this is a book for you to read. Part of the proceeds are being donated to Nathaniel’s Hope when mentioned that you viewed this message.  You may ask what is Nathaniel’s Hope?  It is a Special Needs Ministry : Read their Mission Statement: ”

Nathaniel’s Hope is dedicated to sharing hope with kids with special needs (VIP kids) and their families.

This includes:

  • Bringing hope and resources of encouragement to VIP kids and their families
  • Providing practical assistance by offering free respite care for VIP kids
  • Educating the community on how to be a Buddy to VIP kids and their families
  • Equipping the community, especially churches, with opportunities, tools, training, and resources to reach out to VIP kids and their families
  • Extending hope to VIP kids overseas
  • Sharing hope with grieving families

(Kids with special needs are our VIPs. Buddies are friends of VIPs.)”

27 Miracles Greatly appreciates your purchases to date….To make a purchase today email us at  or call us at 407-905-5454.  You can visit us on our website at or visit our fan page at!/pages/A-Story-of-Faith/328844927127645

Bruce Treasured Moments Videography

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Buddy Break/What is it?

Many people have asked, what is Buddy Break? We hear it mentioned a lot around Orlando.   ” It is a FREE kids respite program where kids with special needs( VIP Kids) make new friends and enjoy all kinds of activities while caregivers get a break! This program is provided through partnerships with local churches.”

You may ask yourself why get involved?  Well, until you have the opportunity to see what this can do for a tired family that maybe has not had a date nite in months or even years or what smiles can come to a child’s life when they get to come out and meet other special needs kids their own age, you really won’t know. 

27 Miracles and Treasured Moments Videography had the opportunity to come out and see for themselves  what Buddy Break was all about at First Baptist Windermere, the only church that at the moment will take kids past age 17 for Buddy Break.  Watch the video below and think about donating of your time to help families for special needs kids.  Training is provided for those willing to Volunteer their time once per month. To Become a Volunteer Buddy, register at and contact Denise Burch at accept@fbcwindermere.comb or 407-579-0489 for more information or to RSVP for the next Buddy Break at First Baptist Windermere.

If you do not think that you can help in volunteering of your time, then please consider helping financially to help support the Buddy Break Ministry by purchasing the Book A Story of Faith Directly from 27 Miracles , part of the proceeds will be donated to Buddy Break of First Baptist Windermere when mentioning that you saw this book through Buddy Break, email 27 Miracles at or call 407-905-5454, or visit us on our website or our fan page at!/pages/A-Story-of-Faith/328844927127645.  Here you will read inspirational stories that will keep your faith going and thanking God for miracles in your  life!

Thank you Bruce for  your hard work in videotaping this fabulous ministry to help families of special needs children.  Bruce/Treasured Moments Videography

Watch What Buddy Break is about here:

What is A Story of Faith Book Author Rosie Moore Up To

Rosie Moore, author of a Story of Faith has been sought after by many for interviews and for organizations such as Nathaniel.s Hope, Buddy Break, Walk for March of Dimes, Ronald Mc Donald House, Florida Hospital The Disney Hospital and by other preemie organizations to promote the book and donate to their charity.  With much love and honor, Rosie from 27 Miracles will do this.  Why?  Because it helps give encouragement to others that need faith when they are missing it or as Rosie may say, misplaced it temporarily.   God gave Rosie this inspiration to write about parts of her life that were painful and lessons learned from college days, to losing a friend to breast cancer, to the miraculous birth of her son and a Christmas Blessing wedding that deeply touched a community of vendors to help make someone’s wish come true.

The next chapter of A Story of Faith as time goes on will be a movie ….Rosie Moore has been given the opportunity to produce a movie of the book.  Wow…what an honor…All is in the beginning stages of time…it starts with finding the right screen writer for the story….and then the gathering of material not in the book….so stay tuned …


If you have not yet purchased your book…contact 27 Miracles info@27miracles or call and order today 407-905-5454…with each purchase made 27 Miracles is donating to Nathaniel’s Hope a special; needs ministry.  The book is also for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble…

To those that have already read the book, thank you for the kind words and reviews we have received.

Kaleb’s Reunion With Nurses and Doctors at Florida Hospital

There is nothing more rewarding to the doctors and the Nurses at Florida Hospital or any hospital tat has a NICU the rewards that they feel. That was want Kaleb’s visit to the NICU involved visiting with therapists and doctors.  They were happy to see Kaleb.

Watch as you see Kaleb interact with his nurses and doctor.

27 Miracles would like to say a special thank you to Florida Hospital for giving us the opportunity to share our testimony with other parents and for taking care of Kaleb, our little miracle.

Bruce with Treasured Moments thanks you for capturing this special moment in our lives.

Interview for Florida Hospital

It was most recently that Florida Hospital requested that Rosie and Marcus Moore interview at the hospital where their little Micro preemie of 1lb 10 oz and 27 weeks was born.  It was an honor to be able to share Kaleb’s story with everyone.  Although there were parts that neither of them had thought about since the early birth of their son.  They toured the first NICU where Kaleb stayed for a few weeks before transitioning to where he stayed for 5 months.  It was an emotional moment to see where a fight for life started.  The beeping of machines, the monitors and the urgency of the NICU.  But it helped Rosie and Marcus understand the importance even more about supporting parents as they go through the challenges and ups and downs of their precious babies in the hands of the doctors and the nurses.  That is when you pray for Faith to get through not each day but each moment of the day as a child’s life hangs in the unknown.

For those watching today, help other preemie parents and purchase the book A Story of Faith by Rosie Moore, you can contact 27 Miracles directly to purchase your copy today, 407-905-5454 or email us at

When purchased part of the proceeds will be donated to Nathaniel’ Hope

27 Miracles would like to say a special thank you to Florida Hospital for giving us the opportunity to share our testimony with other parents and for taking care of Kaleb, our little miracle.

Bruce with Treasured Moments thanks you for capturing this special moment in our lives.