Remembering Zoe

Today marks the anniversary of a special little girl named Zoe.  She was a triplet.  Her mother Keira, God bless her strength, started an organization called the Zoe Rose Foundation,  Why was this organization formed?  “By forming the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation we want to help and support families of micro preemies, born 32 weeks and earlier, through education, outreach, and one-on-one parent support, which may occur upon diagnosis of high-risk pregnancy, NICU stay, prior to discharge or throughout the transition to home, and continue as needed by the families. ”

“Living in the NICU for weeks and often months as you watch your child fight for their lives and have to endure multiple procedures and surgeries is a stressful and traumatic experience. Often, just having another parent to talk to who has been down this path can make such a difference. We want to assist you, the parents and caregivers with micro preemie children in feeling confident, empowered and educated once that glorious day of discharge arrives. And we won’t leave you then. We will stick by you and be available to help you so we can help you navigate this new world once your little one(s) come home and YOU become the team leader for their health, care, and well-being.”

Today her mom Keira wrote this blog in memory of her beautiful little girl.  Please take a moment to read and donate to this organization, this will assist parents in many ways that are going through these difficult moments. 

27 Miracles prays today for the healing hearts of Zoe’s parents.  Heaven has a beautiful angel named Zoe.

This is the song that her mommy dedicated to her today

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